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Avenue South Residences Kheng Leong Developer

Kheng Leong Company (Private) Limited is a real estate company that was incorporated in 1949. Back in 1949, Kheng Leong was a commodity and spice trading company. With the passage of time as landscape investment evolves, Kheng Leong shifts its focus to real estate investment and it has over thirty years of experience in that. It is mainly from Singapore; however, they provide their services worldwide. They take construction and retail projects. Apart from building projects, the company also invests in property and they have invested in various real estate properties. Their latest development will be Avenue South Residences located at Silat Avenue.

Kheong Leong Real Estate Developer

It’s a very fast growing company and it is working worldwide now, it has its business in Shanghai, Asia Pacific region, Hong Kong to Sydney and now in London and Los Angeles as well. For more investment return and to increase business growth it is now building synergies with other builders and companies, this strategy is helping in the company’s growth. It also has its additional office in Shanghai now to get along with China’s rapid growth potential.

Kheng Leong Key Residential Projects

IT has developed many successful projects. Following are the detail of their key development projects that they have done.
Principal garden
This is a development project and it comprises 4 high rise apartment and facilities like tennis court, swimming pool, and playground for children. This area has a very beautiful and green surrounding view that makes it more attractive. This project was built in Porsche Bishop-gate area.

UOL Venture Investments and Real Estate Projects

UOL Group Limited announced their venture with Kheng Leong private limited on 25 September 2017. Kheng Leong private limited introduced a company named Secure Venture Development Pte. Ltd on 25 September 2017.

The woods

This project was built in 2013; it’s an ultra-development that encompasses 93 cluster houses. Each house has a capacious environment and also contains other comforts like swimming pools, beautiful lawns, and facility of the gym.
Domain 21
It’s a real estate development project for their joint venture with UOL. It was a project for working professionals. It has everything that is needed for the modern urban lifestyle. It provides a place with spacious balconies and sliding doors that also has a beautiful view of Bukit Timah. It is designed in a way that it fulfills all the requirements of a modern lifestyle and has a very appealing Interior. This beautiful place is situated on the river valley district.
The developments of Kheng Leong are according to the modern lifestyle and they are beautiful development that meets all the needs of a modern lifestyle with so many luxuries. They take care of every small detail and consider the requirements of their target customers while building the projects. Kheng Leong is growing rapidly and working on various other projects too.