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The Rail Corridor is a former railway line that stretches 24km north to south of Singapore. The future Woodlands North Coast and Greater Southern Waterfront areas will be linked by this trans-island green artery. Now a “green corridor”, it will be transformed into a community space that links 1 million people within 1km of the Rail Corridor. When fully connected by 2021, it will spur the development of surrounding lands and rejuvenation of older districts.

Avenue South Residence in Silat Avenue is strategically located in Central Singapore, the mature estate of Bukit Merah Estate. 

Residents can expect huge changes with transformation plans by Government of converting the plot between the existing Silat neighborhood and Kampong Bahru Road, into a community space. This will inject new vibrant into the neighborhood which is already filled with lush, rich greenery and heritage. 

Other than it’s key location, the region is encompassed with a lot of pleasantries such as shopping malls, dining and entertainment options. 

Rail Corridor takes visitors on a journey through a variety of landscapes, communities and unique experiences. Enhancements will begin with Rail Corridor (Central), which is known for its lush natural landscapes and elements of rich heritage.

Our Rail Corridor (Central) is a highly accessible stretch, anchored at each end by the Hillview and King Albert park Downtown Line MRT stations. It will be enhanced along three themes: Heritage & Culture, Biodiversity & Greenery, and Recreation, to create meaningful experiences for everyone.

Strategies have been identified to ensure that the rich heritage is conserved for future generations.

Our Rail Corridor (Central) is home to a variety of flora and fauna. The habitats along it will be enhanced to create a conducive environment for wildlife to thrive and to strengthen the ecological connection with the adjacent green spaces.